Gabriella+Matheus @ Asheville, NC (Part I)


OK, so this was one of my favorite photoshoots EVER! I love this feeling after you shoot something you really love, you’re really proud of, you’re really feeling meaningful, like you are in the right path, and you found your niche and this is really what you are supposed to be doing…


I bet a lot of photographers out there can relate to this, and it’s a wonderful feeling! The point is this whole shoot was amazing! I reached out to Asheville Glamping which by the way I had been creeping on their Instagram page for weeks and just dreaming about a shoot there!! Finally I worked up the courage to reach out to¬†Joanna and it set it up; she was so inviting and so nice! :] The day of the shoot was kind of gloomy and rainy, I felt that was kind of going to ruin the day but instead that made it even more interesting ahhaha!! We had to walk up a muddy hill and our shoes were destroyed by the time we reached the dome for the shoot but trust me it was fun! These two crazy kids are so in love its so refreshing — and gross ahhah just kidding they are so adorable, young, and wild! I love it! It was so much fun and this is only Part I of our day Part II will be up soon! YAY!! :]

Venue: Asheville Glamping



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