About Me

I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to photograph couples on one of the most special days of their life. Capturing moments that are so special to them; perhaps moments that may happen for the first and last time, and they chose me to be there.

I, get to be there, at their wedding, to witness the father of the bride walking in to a quiet room while the bride anxiously awaits  for his reaction, as he looks at her as though she is still his little girl, I click, as he acknowledges that she has grown into a beautiful strong woman, and will be a great wife, and one day a great mom.

I get to be there to capture the moments right before the ceremony where all the groomsmen huddle together and pray over the grooms life + over the marriage he is about to enter, and in the next room the bridesmaids do the same with the bride, as the anticipation rises for the ceremony to start, and I click.

I am the one the couple has chosen to be there on that special day, I capture their families come together laughing, crying, hugging, dancing, eating, having fun, young and old, maybe for the first time meeting each other, & maybe for the last time seeing each other. Those candid moments that you can never get back, only a photograph to rem
inisce on, and I click.

I’m wedding + portrait photographer based in Atlanta, GA. I’ve been married to my other half, Rafael, for 3 years now, (yay!) and it was since planning my own wedding that I actually decided to pursue my own career as a wedding photographer. I am incredibly humbled by the opportunity I get to experience and learn about each couple that I meet. I know your wedding day is special not only to you, but to everyone around you, that is why I invest in meeting personally, and getting to know all my couples. I definitely bring out emotions in my photos, and will certainly be guiding you through your session along with you just being yourself! I want to capture the real you!

Want to know more about me?

  • <3 hiking + traveling!
  • <3 to collaborate with creatives! @hellencophotos 😉
  • <3 love to play the piano + sing (when I’m alone) haha
  • <3 to watch The Office before bed with the Hubs when there’s nothing else on!

If you love my work and want to connect with me, feel free to browse through the galleries/ blog and please fill out the ‘Contact’ form so we can chat! :]